Acer preparing to flood the MID market this May

As far as Acer is concerned, life is good. Right now, they’re coming off the kind of high only good Q1 results can give, but they’ve got a not-so-secret plan to push even further into the black:

  1. Make a new mobile internet device
  2. Load it up with the new Shell 4.0 interface
  3. Throw in some 3G connectivity for good measure
  4. Make the next one smaller
  5. Repeat ad nauseam

Brilliant plan, no?

For a company like Acer, whose proverbial bread and butter are portable computing units, flooding the market with low-cost internet devices seems like the next logical step. Laptop and netbook sales for the company were up 54% year over year, and they’re taking this as a sign to dig even deeper into their niche. The upcoming MID lineup is expected to include devices from tablet size all the way down to 7 inches, and they’ve committed to running the gamut as far as hardware and software are concerned. Maybe, just maybe we’ll see them churn out the Android tablet everyone’s been clamoring for, but for now we’ll just have to wait and see.

[via InfoWorld]