Bungie signs 10-year deal with Activision (cue explosion sounds)

Infinity Ward? What’s that? Activision just snagged Bungie, of Halo fame, to a ten-year deal. Silver lining: the Sun will run out of hydrogen in about 5 billion years.

So that’s the news, that Bungie will bring the “next big action game universe to market” under the care and supervision of Activision.

Here’s a funny line from NeoGAF, the video game message board, which is currently imploding and exploding simultaneously:

Look at it this way if they would have stayed with Microsoft they would have been stuck making shooters, oh wait.

On one hand, part of this makes sense in that Bungie can now develop games for multiple platforms. That is to say that Bungie can now develop games for the PS3.

On the other hand, it’s Activision. Activision! Maybe Bungie would like to strike deals with Comcast and Goldman Sachs while it’s at it?

I truly don’t know what to make of this, so I won’t. My initial reaction was “WHAT?!” Then, a split-second later, it was “Eh, whatever. Good luck to all parties involved.”