Google Updates Its Image Search for Android 2.1 and iPhone 3.0+

Neat n speedyGoogle today announced on its blog that they have upgraded the mobile Image Search on Android 2.1 and iPhone OS 3.0+ devices.

It’s a typically Google update, in that the revamp will provide more speed and less clutter — two things that are always welcome.

There will now be more thumbnails per screen, and a quick swipe to the left or right will have you move between pages of results.

After clicking on a thumbnail, the images will be presented fullscreen on a plain black background (try saying that 6 times quickly), with the text disappearing after a few moments.

All in all, it’s a nice, clean, fast upgrade: a win in my books.

To access it, simply go to on your Android 2.1 or iPhone 3.0+ handset, and click on images.

Neither of those handsets in reach right now? No worries: check out the video demo, below.

[via Mashable]