iPhone HD to Tout 5MP Camera?

Cliiiick!Despite the recent revelation and tear-down of the next-gen iPhone, there are still many questions surrounding the device (just less than there were before…).

One of those questions concerns the camera in the upcoming device. We know that there is a flash on it, but what of the resolution?

Well, according to The Chosun, LG Innotek have ramped up production of a high-quality 5MP sensor for the next iPhone.

This comes as a contradiction to reports last December that OmniVision — current suppliers of iPhone CMOS sensors — would supply a 5MP variant for the next iPhone, but, so what? Either way, it looks like the next iPhone will have a 5MP camera.

And damn well it should, too. This is the first year that the iPhone is faced with serious competition, so I wouldn’t doubt that Apple will finally bump the camera specs to match other phone manufacturers. And I don’t doubt they will.

[via Apple Insider]