Layar Launches Store for Augmented Reality Layers

Augmented reality is being touted as the new hotness. I’m sure most of you have heard of the augmented reality browser, Layar. Basically, Layar offers a window through which to view the world, where handy hints and information are displayed over the top in real-time.

The Amsterdam-based company released Layar last year for both Android and iPhone, and a number of interesting “layers” have already made their way into the application. The layers mentioned in that post were created by interested developers, but today, Layar opened up a store for selling layers.

Layers in the store so far include a layer by travel-guide publisher Berlitz that points out hotels and places to shop, and EyeTour are offering a layer for tourists in Puerto Rico. There is also a layer for Disneyland and Disney World.

I guess the most obvious use for augmented reality is to make sense of an unfamiliar city, so it makes sense that the first layers are targeted at tourists.

However, commercialising layers like this will hopefully mean some really useful and innovative layers will appear in the browser in the future — especially when there are already 1.6 million copies of the reality browser floating around.

Currently, the store accepts PayPal in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia, and offers a 60/40 split between developers and themselves, respectively.

Can you think of any layers you’d like to see (or would purchase) in the future?

For more info on (and screenshots of) the new paid layers, you can check out Layar’s site, here.

[via Mobile Beat]