Nikon patents strange LCD screen

Patents are always so much fun, and such a source of random speculation. Take for example this new LCD display from Nikon. What could it be? Is it for a DLSR? Maybe for video? No one knows, and of course Nikon isn’t talking, but it’s interesting to put your best guess out there.

In my opinion, it’s a for some kind of hybrid still and video camera. It just feels like something that you’d see on the back of a pretty advanced camcorder, but we still see the manual controls you’d expect on a still camera. Of course, I could be completely wrong, but that’s the fun of it right? Here’s Nikon’s wording from the patent application:

“In a digital still camera, when the reproducing mode is selected, an indication to the effect that the operation is in standby for reproduction is displayed on an indicating device, and if the command dial is not operated until 16 seconds elapses after the indication has been started, the supply of source voltage to the various parts of the camera is stopped, to achieve a reduction in power consumption. If the command dial is operated within 16 seconds, image signals are output to an external monitor and also an indication to the effect that reproduction is in progress is displayed on the indicating device. If the command dial has been operated within three minutes after reproduction of a given photographic frame has been started, reproduction of the following frame is performed, but if the command dial has not been operated until the three minutes have elapsed, the indication to the effect that the operation is in standby for reproduction is displayed again. If the sensitivity changeover switch and the command dial are operated together during reproduction or standby for reproduction, the photographic frame to be reproduced is determined in correspondence to the quantity and direction of the rotation of the command dial and the frame number of the frame thus determined is displayed on the indicating device.”

Nothing really concrete there, right? Well, I’m sure we’ll see what it is later. Here’s some more images from the patent application.

[via Nikon Rumors]