Verbarius: a FuzzyClock for your bedroom

Well, I know what my brother is getting for his birthday — in an alternate universe where I have $220 to spend on a novelty clock. He loves his “inexact time” clock. Time for a Quantum Leap! Or I could just get a second job. But enough about me and Scott Bakula. You’re here about what, exactly? The clock! Yes. Look, there it is!

The Verbarius is… how do you say, kind of a rip-off. But cool nonetheless. In fact, cool is what you’re buying when you get something by Art Lebedev. Wait a second. Why don’t we have any E-ink clocks? If they only change every minute, and even then only a little part of the screen, they could last for a year on one battery charge. Someone make this happen.

Back to the clock. It spells out time in a way not unlike FuzzyClock, which I don’t find useful, though I do understand the attraction. You can load up the Verbarius with any language and it’ll happily spell it out. I’d go with piglatin, and then insist that it’s French and I should know because I speak fluent French, have been for years, etc etc. Oh, gadget jokes. Not the funniest.

And yes, that little image editing up there is pretty bad, but let’s put the blame square where it belongs: on Pixelmator, because this program is really quite useless. Oh for on a Mac.

[via The Awesomer]