LG Aloha/LU2300 Android QWERTY Will Launch on Verizon as "Ally"

Ally has a lovely QWERTYI know I’m not alone in my lust for decent phones with QWERTY keypads.

While I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the company of my touch-screen-only HTC Hero for 7 months now, I must admit that I am looking at other (more well endowed) phones while Hero’s back is turned.

But you know what? She’s ok with that. I guess that’s why we work so well together… even though I dream of the days where I could type without looking at the keyboard.

…and along comes Ally…

She has a full QWERTY, y’know. I like that in a phone, but I need something more than just a QWERTY if I am to consider acting on this whimsy.

Did you say Snapdragon? Oh my. I like those. A friend of mine is currently with a snapdragon-powered thing called Desirée, and he says it’s a whole new experience.

Of course, the Snapdragon is just the beginning: Ally also has a 480×800 AMOLED, a 5MP camera, and 720p video, all running on top of Android 2.1. While those specs are a bit girl-next-door these days, I think I’d like to meet this Ally. Wouldn’t you?

I hear she’s changed her name twice already: she used to be called “Aloha”, and before that she was just “LU2300”. She’s an elusive type, y’see.

In fact, I’ve just told you everything I know. But rest assured, I’ll pass on any details as I find them. I’m sure we’ll become the best of friends.

[via Android Central]

Update: Uh-oh, actually, there is no Snapdragon here… :(