Next webOS update pinned down for late May or early June

If you’re already up and running on webOS, it’s time to lay off of the Update button for a while. Palm just sent out an alert to developers detailing their plans for the next minor update — and as long as our math isn’t failing us, the dates work out to somewhere at the end of May or the beginning of June.

Don’t expect a mountain of new goodies from this update — at least, not directly. Palm says that “the scope of changes in this update” will be limited, but goes on to stress that developers building stuff with Palm’s PDK (which allows for native C/C++ development beyond the standard HTML/CSS/Javascript tools, with the primary target there being game development) should be especially careful in testing their wares against this build.

Palm has only let a few PDK-built apps onto their store so far, all of which have been built in collaboration with third-party partners. Put two-and-two together, and it seems like Palm might be opening the doors up to more PDK developers — and more importantly, their games — shortly after this release.