Little Bee, Rustic, Sugar Drop: Panasonic rolls out three new e-bikes in Japan

Japan is to get another three electric bikes, two of which are being marketed as “sporty”, while one is targeted specifically at women. All three models are made by Panasonic (which announced one of the coolest e-bikes ever just a few weeks ago).

The two sport bikes [JP] are called the “Rustic” (BE-ENHL63/pictured above) and the “Little Bee” (BE-ENHB03/pictured below). Technically, both models are very similar, offering an assisted travel range of 32km (Rustic) to 37km (Little Bee), three different driving modes (eco, power, and automatic), and a charging time of about three hours for the lithium-ion battery.

Weighing just 18.3kg (Little Bee) and 20.6kg (Rustic), both bikes are relatively light, too.

Panasonic plans to start selling these “sporty” e-bikes in Japan this month (prices: $1,160 for the Little Bee and $1,260 for the Rustic).

The company has also announced a “women-friendly” bike, the “Sugar Drop” (also named BE-ENCS032). Panasonic says that this model, pictured above and below, is supposed to be cute, small, and extra-easy to ride (it’s apparently designed so that it’s easy to ride wearing a skirt, too).

The bike also offers three different driving modes and an assisted travel range of 37km in eco-mode.

Panasonic already started selling the Sugar Drop in Japan where it’s available in four different colors (you can see “Milk” and “Apricot” on the pictures). It costs $1,000.

All of these bikes are Japan-only at this point, unfortunately.