Sprint fires up 4G service in Central Pennsylvania

You feel that, Central Pennsylvanians? That slight warmth radiating through the air? That’s Sprint’s 4G service you’re basking in, friend. (Whats that? You don’t feel it? That’s okay. You’re not supposed to be able to. That was just a shout out to all the crazies that swear they get headaches from radio towers — even when they’re turned off.)

To make a short story shorter: Sprint’s 4G service is now up and running in Harrisburg, Reading, Lancaster, York, and a handful of other locales in Central Pennsylvania. You know what that means!

Erm.. not a whole lot, at this point. You can get an Overdrive. It’ll be a whole lot more worthwhile once the EVO 4G and subsequent 4G handsets launch — but until then, just sit back and enjoy the warmth.