LG Ally Mini Site Launches to Promote Phone/Film

BOOM!Can’t get enough of the molten-iron-hot LG Ally? You better hope so, because I’m about to tell you that the Iron-Man-2-endorsed Android phone now has it’s very own mini site, where you can go and look at stuff.

You know, stuff about the phone. And the Iron Man sequel.

That is, if you can be bothered waiting through the painfully long loading time.

I’m going to have a race. Let’s see if I can finish this post before the site finishes loading…
Argh, an explosion from my speakers alerts me to my failure.

Now let’s see if it was worth the wait. Monaco, Google Street View, spinny-whirly thing, English accent giving me instructions… and that’s where my attention-span stretches too far and I close the window. I don’t want to navigate a site that requires instructions. Maybe I’m just crabby like that.

If you’re more patient with things like this than I am, really like Iron Man 2, and are keen to learn more about the phone, you may as well go check out the site (they’ve certainly gone to a bit of effort with it). You can hit it up at http://lgim2.com/

If I missed anything awesome, let me know, will ya?