Virgin Mobile to Announce $25 (near) Unlimited Plan, Three New Phones

Word is that Virgin Mobile is about to announce a new set of Beyond Talk plans, ranging from $25 per month up to $60 per month, with a stop at $40 on the way.

These plans will come with your choice of a Kyocera Loft (for $70), an LG Rumour Touch (for $150), or (and this is the exciting bit) a BlackBerry Curve 8530 (for $300).

Phone Arena have the low-down, but basically the new plans all have unlimited text, email, data, and web, but the amount of included calls differs: $25 gets you 300 minutes, $40 gets you 1200 minutes, and $60 gets you unlimited minutes.

Sadly, if you’re after the BlackBerry, you’ll be sprung for an extra $10 per month. But hey, it costs money to look good. Or something like that.