Contest: Win a year of LiveBooks

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to read our review of the LiveBooks website, and you’re interested in the product. Well, I liked it so much that I talked them into letting us give away a year of their service. How do you win? Find out after the jump.

We’re going to make it easy this time. To win a free year of service on the LiveBooks website, all you have to do is go to their their site, pick out your favorite template, and then tweet the name of that template (along with a link to this contest) to #LiveCrunch. The contest ends on Thursday at 5:00pm Pacific time, and we’ll contact you via Twitter to let you know that you’ve won.

Update: Ok, I get it. Not everyone has a Twitter account. We’ve got quite a few emails, so the decision was made to open the contest up to comments as well. Just leave a comment with the name of your favorite template from the LiveBooks site, and you have a chance to win.