iCitizen Symposium 2010: The Real-Time Web

I’ve been at the iCitizen Symposium 2010, here in beautiful Columbus OH, since bright and early this morning. I have been talking to people and scanning QR codes (I’ll come back to that). The main theme of this event surrounds the “real-time web” and the speed with which its underbelly is changing the way people behave—socially, mobile-ly and behaviorally.

These are concepts with which most of us following tech, mobile and marketing spheres are familiar, but this conference is planning on diving in a bit deeper.

The event has some interesting attendees and speakers and is hosted by Resource Interactive, a bright digital agency in Columbus OH. I have many questions to ask these speakers and attendees  and I plan on posting them up here in, er… real-time (or as close to real-time as I can get).

We’ll see how that goes and we’ll see if I can win a Nexus One or and iPad by competing in their QR Code Scanning/Networking Badge game. I am barely on the leaderboard. Looks like I will need to turn on the charm and scan more codes.

Standby my friends…