The Razer Abyssus Mirror Special Edition is pretty and shiny

Razer introduced the world to its ambidextrous Abyssus gaming mouse late last year and now we’re seeing the second member to the line. While we weren’t too happy about its $50 price tag seeing as its just a simple two button mouse, we knew deep down it’s a quality kit. Razer doesn’t put out bad products. The company just outed the Abyssus Mirror Special Edition that packs all the same high-end components in a package that has, well, a mirror finish. At least the price is the same.

Inside the Abyssus Mirror Special Edition rests a 3.5G 3500dpi infrared sensor that’s surely good enough to compensate at least slightly at your lackluster FPS skills. Up top is the same two button and a scroll wheel configuration with a glowing Razer logo on the palm rest. Maybe it’s the mirror finish, but this edition seems a bit more worth of its $50 price tag when it launches sometime this month. Still, our original point remains in that $50 +/- can snag you a feature-packed mouse from multiple online retailers.