Video: Hands-on with the Sony Bloggie video camera

As stated in the video, please accept this hands-on of the Sony Bloggie video camera in lieu of footage of teeny-boppers, um, bopping around. I don’t need that headache, that’s for sure.

The video, which is much shorter than my 15-minute epic from the other day, pretty much goes over all the main ideas of the Bloggie. You whip it out, swivel the camera, hit record, then off you go. There’s really not much more to it than that, which is very much a good thing: you don’t want to be buried inside an instruction manual before recording your life.

I do have a tentative idea of a legitimately interesting video to show off exactly what the Bloggie can do, so be sure to check by next week.

Oh, and for whatever reason I said it’s $200, when it’s really more like $170. As always, shop around.

Song credit: “Dewey Square” by Hugo “Droopy” Contini