Video: Medal of Honor trailer reveals upcoming beta

A new trailer just posted to the Medal of Honor Web site pretty much checks all the boxes on the Big Checklist of FPS Trailer requirements. Sad, dramatic music; military man talking to his wife on the phone in a reassuring manner “I love you, we’re OK because we’re trained for this sort of thing, don’t forget to have the car inspected,” etc.; flash, bang, explosion, fade to black. I really don’t know how many of these games I can take. That’s not saying it’ll be a bad game—I played it, and it is, in fact, quite good&,dash;but I do believe I’m tiring of playing toy soldier.

There was a bit of news in the trailer: there will be a beta of some sorts, and it’s “coming soon.”

Hopefully calling the genre as a whole tired won’t get me blacklisted from the fine gents at EA.