Video: Meet LOLA, Germany's newest (and very tall) fembot

Remember AILA, the “female” humanoid we’ve blogged about two weeks ago? It turns out that wasn’t the only fembot that has been in development in Germany in the last few years, as LOLA [GER], a humanoid presented by the Technical University of Munich and the Institute of Technology Autonomous Systems in Munich, shows.

LOLA stands an impressive 180cm tall, weighs 60kg, has 25 joints in her body and sees the world through two 5MP video cameras. She walks very slowly in the current version, but the developers are saying they aim to boost her speed to 5km/h eventually (the average walking speed of a human being). And she isn’t really a beauty queen yet either. She doesn’t even look like a female.

But LOLA’s killer feature is that she’s able to walk autonomously (she’s not self-powered though), using advanced, real-time image recognition that makes it possible for her to identify and avoid objects. Her developers say that the final goal is to have a two-legged robot that can move just like a human does.

The way LOLA walks around, identifies objects and almost immediately changes her path now is already pretty impressive, however. Here’s a pretty cool video that shows LOLA in action (it’s in German, but that doesn’t matter too much in this case):