Layar launches its Stream to make Augmented Reality content easier to find

Augmented reality startup Layar is launching Layar Stream, which reveals immediately what Augmented Reality content is available around a user.

The problem with AR content is that discovery is an issue with all the new content available. There are now 1.2 million augmented objects served daily by Layar.

So Layar Stream tries to solve this by generating a stream which users can pre-filter.

They explain it thus:

“The ranking is based on a proprietary algorithm using contextual elements like location, usage and popularity of content in all published layers. Layar Stream holds information about the type of available content and whether it contains 3D objects, images, video or audio. Users can optimize their stream by filtering on keywords, categories and distance. The Layar Stream is viewable without having to hold the phone up and moving it around. This enables easy discovery of what is around you in everyday situations. When selecting a specific object the layer opens and can be seen in the Augmented Reality view.”

Now publishers of content in the Layer format can have their Augmented Reality content indexed by Layar Stream, which will available in the next release of the Layar Reality Browser, to be launched later this month on Android with iPhone later.