Brewing TV: When homebrewers attack the web

Brewing TV – Episode 1.1 from Brewing TV on Vimeo.

If you’ve ever made your own booze you probably know about Northern Brewer, one of the best online brew supply stores. Well, those folks just started Brewing TV which consists of a dude in a hat talking with another dude in a hat about brewing as well as a video of some other dudes in hats. Generally, it’s just as you’d imagine, but so much more.

Once you roll past the intro, you get to see the guys at Fulton Brewing in Minneapolis and a few more interesting bits on brewing. A nice bit of visual distraction for the weekend and an interesting move by an entrenched, old-timey industry to enter the 21st century. Could these men in hats and ironic beards (see below) be the next Gary Vee?

Homebrewing is an odd nexus of technology and tradition. Because most of these guys are hackers – either technologically or culinarily – its fascinating to see how the industry slowly but surely moves into the 21st century with cool stuff like this. Incidentally, I need to bottle my chardonnay this weekend. Party at my house in about five months!