New software converts 2D cell phone games into 3D

3D continues to be a hot topic in the tech world. Tokyo-based middleware company HI Corp. today announced [JP] it has developed software that makes it possible to convert regular 2D cell phone games into 3D games. HI claims its image-rendering software, the new version of “MascotCapsule“, lets users then play the 3D games without glasses.

Details are relatively scarce at this point (HI will demo the technology during an exhibition in Tokyo this week), but what we know is that players will need to look straight at their handsets to get the 3D effect (otherwise, the images will get blurry). And “MascotCapsule eruption” will be compatible to a special 3D LCD screen made by NEC LCD Technologies only.

This means the software won’t work with screens offered by other makers, but NEC is already offering that display to a number of cell phone manufacturers worldwide. HI plans to collaborate with NEC to get MascotCapsule eruption embedded in ten million handsets by 2013.