Newertech's special drawer system is perfect for naked HDDs

Let’s just admit this right off the bat: we don’t really need specialized drawers to hold our old hard drives. Any drawers will do. But I have a penchant for single-purpose items, and these little drawers certainly fall under that category. Basically, these things are specifically designed to safely and humanely store your old 3.5″ hard drives. Why not? If you go through a lot, they’re probably sitting in crude stacks in your storage area, gathering dust. They deserve better.

There’s not a lot to these things. They fit 3.5″ drives exactly, they’re stackable, they’re anti-static, and each drawer has a nice little label area, so you don’t need to put a masking tape label on every drive. At $10 each, though, they’re rather expensive. A little ramble through IKEA will probably locate you some almost-as-good items for a much lower price.