Sprint nixes the Nexus One

Back in March, Sprint officially confirmed that they were going to pick up Google’s then much-touted super phone, the Nexus One. Hurray! Excitement!

Then Sprint went and announced the EVO 4G, a handset which belittles the Nexus One on just about every front. Suddenly, everyone seemed to lose interest in a Sprint Nexus One — including Sprint, it seems.

The lads over at Engadget poked at Sprint about the Nexus One after Verizon canned theirs, and sure enough: Sprint’s Nexus is a no-go. It’s all EVO all the time, until Sprint launches the uberphone sometime this Summer.

Anyone out there bummed about this? The Nexus One might not be quite as beefy as the EVO 4G — but it’s still a really-damned-pretty phone with relatively awesome specs.