Video: Chunky BlackBerry 9670 flip phone

While it may not be the best lookin’ BlackBerry I’ve seen, I’m sure there are at least a few of you out there that get a kick out of the blend of classic mid-naughties BlackBerry stylin’ and retro non-touch clamshell form factor.

C’mon, there’s a few of you, isn’t there?

Well, in the hopes that there is, I’ve gone and found a video of this most unholy union.

There isn’t a whole lot revealed in the video. The proudly emblazoned 5.0 MP label on the camera, the dual screens, the inane size… and as The Celular Guru says, even OS 6.0 does little to differentiate itself from OS 5.0 in this video.

But don’t let me stop you from watching the video: seeing this giant phone being handled is kinda… mesmerising.

[image via Boy Genius Report]