Skype says "no" to Windows Phone 7

A wee bit of a Windows Phone 7 bombshell dropped today: Dan Neary, Asia pacific Vice President for Skype, told Sydney-siders today that Skype won’t be developing a client for Microsoft’s much-overdue successor to Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 (henceforth to be known as WinPho 7).

Dan-the-man neglected to give a reason why, but WM Power User have offered some possible explanations. Either a lack of faith in the platform, or difficulties in coding a VoIP app without having access to native code or multi-tasking.

When a major player in the mobile app ecosystem drops support for a platform, it begs the question: who else will defect? Is this a sign that WinPho 7 is doing something wrong? Or are Skype fools to let this ship sail?

Only time will tell… *exits enigmatically*

[via WM Power User]