It's official: Android 2.1 now available for the Sprint Samsung Moment

Well, that was one wild journey. After a dozen or so false starts and a seemingly endless gaggle of leaked memos making promises that couldn’t be kept, Android 2.1 is now officially (really!) available for the Sprint Samsung Moment. Still no word on the update for the Sprint Hero. You hear that sound? Thats the sound of a million Hero owners collectively grinding their teeth.

The good news for Moment owners doesn’t come without caveats, though.

It’s not an over-the-air update, so there’s a bit of manual labor involved. Additionally, this update will wipe everything you’ve got on your device. Before partaking, make sure to back up all your apps, ringtones, pictures of your cats in people clothing, and any other crucial goodies you might have laying around. Text messages can’t be backed up, and aren’t synced to the cloud — so if you’ve got a text you like to turn to when the nights get cold and lonely, make sure to forward it to email or something.

Ready to dive in? You can find the update software here.