Photo gallery: Japan's KDDI shows summer cell phone line-up

Japan’s second biggest mobile company KDDI today unveiled [JP] the 10 cell phones of their new line-up for this summer. The first of these models, the majority of which are waterproof (which seems to indicate a new trend in Japan’s cell phone industry), will be rolled out in Japan as early as at the end of this month.

Here’s the complete line-up:

Hitachi beskey
(3.2-inch LCD IPS screen, 8MP CMOS camera, SD card slot, keypad replaceable (in three designs), waterproof)

Casio Exilim CA005
(3.2-inch LCD IPS screen, 13MP camera with 3x digital zoom, SD card slot, waterproof)

Sony Ericsson Cybershot S003
(3.2-inch TFT screen, 12.1MP camera with Exmor sensor, multiple camera functions (for example “smile shutter), SD card slot, world’s first waterproof slider)

Sharp AQUOS Shot SH008
(3.4-inch Sharp ASV screen with 480×854 resolution, Wi-Fi, 12.1MP CCD camera, waterproof)

Toshiba REGZA Phone T004
(3.2-inch Regza TFT screen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 12.2MP CMOS camera, Qosmio and dynabook connectivity)

Sony Ericsson BRAVIA Phone S004
(3.2-inch Bravia TFT screen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 8MP CMOS camera, waterproof)

(3.2-inch Sharp ASV screen, 8MP CCD camera, 10 minutes solar charge is enough for a two-minute phone call, follows the solar phone from Sharp from last year)

Sanyo SA002
(3-inch TFT screen, 8MP CMOS camera, SD card slot, waterproof, world’s slimmest waterproof slider (14.8mm))

Kyocera Kantan Keitai K005
(3-inch TFT screen, 3.3MP CMOS camera, extra-easy to use, SD card slot, waterproof)

Pantech Kantan Keitai-S PT001
(handset with no display, super-easy to use, designed for the elderly, waterproof, 410 hours of standby)