TechCrunch Europe wasn't invited to Google Zeitgeist London. Apparently we're seeing too much of eachother.

Right now entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and Google executives are milling around in a swanky hotel outside of London at Google Zeitgeist.

Last year we were there too and managed to even break some news.

But this year we’re not allowed in. Why? There’s not enough room.

Here’s my email exchange with their PR people.

Me: “I was wondering what the press arrangement for Google Zeitgeist in the UK were this year, as I was invited last year.”

Google UK press Officer: “This year we have much less room for press and so we’re having to prioritise those publications that don’t often get to attend events with our US execs, unlike TechCrunch. Sorry, I know this will be annoying, but please rest assured that as in previous years there will be no announcements at Zeitgeist as it’s not that kind of event.”

Me: “Er yeah, but *I* “don’t often get to attend events” with your US execs…”

Them: “I know, and apologies again for the annoyance. Given limited space we had to do what we thought was fairest. For instance, I believe that several Techcrunch writers are registered for Google I/O also coming up this week, unlike pretty much every UK publication which can’t be there.”

So there you have it. Google thinks we’re seeing too much of each other. They want to cool things off. We’re already seeing them at Google I/O. Let’s leave it at that, they say.

So here’s a question. Why hold an event in Europe if you’re going to ban TechCrunch Europe?

Instead we’ll be hangiing out on the hugely long Twitter hashtag today #zeitgeisteurope and tuning in to @loic who seems to be the only genuine blogger there.

Then again maybe it’s because we live streamed Larry Page without him knowing last year. Here’s our video from back then.

(Ok, sure, in truth I’m just jealous for not being served a beer by a robot)

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