Android 2.1 finally reaches 1/3 of Android handsets, just as 2.2 looms nearby

For all of the folks who had to wait — and for all of those still left waiting — for Android 2.1 to be ported, smashed, tweaked, and OTA’d onto their handsets, the last few months may have seemed pretty unbearable. If it makes you feel any better, there’s a oh-so-dim light at the end of the tunnel: as of yesterday evening, more Android handsets are running on 2.1 than on any other version of the platform.

Alas, this news comes just as Google’s I/O conference is about to blow through town — and unless something strange happens before next week, everyone’s expecting I/O to serve as the launchpad for the next version that everyone has to wait for and complain about: build 2.2.

On the upside, the ol’ rumormill says that one of Google’s goals with 2.2 is doing away with much of the fragmentation issues of the platform. What exactly that entails, however, is still a mystery. Wrapped inside of a riddle. Inside of an enigma. Inside of a burrito.

[Via AndroidPolice]