Spotify lands in the land of tulips and lousy beer

We earlier reported that much-hyped online music startup Spotify was launching in The Netherlands on May 18, according to Dutch media, and it looks like those reports were correct.

In a blog post, the company acknowledges that it has launched in Holland (sign up here), and says it is the seventh country that Spotify is available in.

The other six are Finland, France, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

Still no launch date with regards to the United States, for those are still eagerly awaiting its debut stateside.

In The Netherlands – which for the record, is a lovely country despite its seriously lousy domestic beers – Spotify is debuting with an exclusive track from Dutch superstars Guus Meeuwis and Marco Borsato.

Care to venture a guess where it will be launching the service next? (My bet’s on Germany)

(Thanks to Laurence van Exel for the tip)