Video: LG Ally mid-range QWERTY reviewed

So, you’ve been with us from the beginning, back when Ally first popped her head out into the wild, then during her adventures with Iron Man, and finally, with her full spec sheet leak.

You two have grown so close over the last month, that it seems that all you now need to achieve completeness is a video review.

Oh, hullo, looky here!

Phone Dog have just posted their 13 minute review of the device!

The basic gist is that it’s (obviously) no match for the Snapdragon-powered Incredible, but is a good, solid alternative to a messaging phone (albeit with a data plan attached).

The reviewer even recommends it over a Kin One or Two, even though he says the keyboard is “so so”.

Funnily enough, just like the Kin, there doesn’t appear to be a retweet option in the Twitter client. Bizarre.

But enough of me, why not hear it straight from the horse’s Phone Dog’s mouth?