Sprint places foot in mouth, dissing the Pre while lusting after the iPhone

At a recent investor conference, Sprint’s Chief Financial Officer, Robert Brust, admitted to investors that “The Pre didn’t work out as well as we hoped” (even despite its exciting appearance in Survivor: Heroes vs Villains) and that they’d “love to have” the iPhone.

Sprint was the exclusive carrier of the Palm Pre from its launch in June 2009 through to June 2010, and was hoped to help both Sprint and Palm through a rough period (à la AT&T and the iPhone). Sadly, however, the relationship didn’t seem to work for either company.

With the crazy (and continuing) success of the iPhone, it’s understandable that Sprint would lust after the device, but don’t get your hopes up, Sprint fans: it’s more likely to hit Verizon before Sprint, and only then after AT&T have let it slip from their Vader-like grip.

Always the optimist, Monsieur Brust also said that Sprint had learned a lot since it launched the Pre. Let’s hope some of that fresh knowledge comes in handy for the launch of the super-hot EVO 4G on June 4th.

[via Information Week]