The original Prince of Persia coming to iPhone

Prince of Persia title screenEvery so often, some new iPhone app comes along that makes me go, “Dang, I really wish I had one o’ dem iPhone thingers.” Well, as you are probably expecting, right now is one of those moments.

I just read on Mashable that the original Prince of Persia is coming to the iPhone/iPod Touch as Prince of Persia Retro.

I was but a young-un when the game came out, but it was my first real experience with video games, and certainly the most memorable. Maybe that and Stunts.

My point is that it was awesome. Great graphics (you know, for the time), fluid animation, swords, puzzles, a princess… it was like man-Mario.

And now all you lucky iPhone owners get to take one of the greatest 8-bit adventures ever told around with you in your pocket. And you don’t even have to worry about fiddling with extended memory or floppy disks. You darn kids have got it so easy.

The game should come out some time before June 2010. Sadly, the price is not yet announced.