Jason Calacanis lets his JasonNation Army hit reply all – Intentional? [Updated]

In a typical Jason Calacanis move today, the West coast based entrepreneur will delete his Facebook page live on the Internet. He has 22,969 fans. You’ll be able to watch it here. Jason announced this move today on his JasonNation newsletter, which replaced his regular blogging way back in 2008.

In a less typical move however, he now appears to have set up the newsletter list to allow every one of his 23,286 members to reply to the entire list. Whether this was intentional or not is unknown.

So far only 6 members have replied to the whole list, perhaps because the majority are in the US, where most people are asleep right now. [Update, make that over 50 and counting]

But somehow I doubt turning JasonNation into a discussion list, rather than one where Jason’s sage words can simply be broadcast to an adoring fan base, was really in the plan. We’ve reached out to find out the truth. [See updates below].

Then again, maybe the demise of Jason’s fan page is the perfect moment for the JasonNation discussion list?

Or perhaps he was making a point about changing the settings without letting people know, huh Facebook?

And it’s somewhat ironic, given that the whole list is revealing people’s email addresses to each other [Update looks just just names not addresses went out], that in the actual newsletter Calacanis’s says:

“Did I sign up for Facebook and give you my personal information so you could give it to third parties WITHOUT my permission? Uhhh…. no.”

Whatever the case, one or two people aren’t all that happy.

UPDATE: Unsubscribing from the list… does not immediately unsubscribe you from the list. Queue even more outrage from susbcribers…

UPDATE: Wherever Jason is it’s 4am, but he’s now addressed the problem and is apologising to subscribers.