Digital Fuel Debuts IT Cloud Cost Management Software

Digital Fuel is debuting its IT Cloud Cost Management software, which provides a way to compare the TCO, unit cost and performance of IT services among different cloud and non-cloud alternatives and vendors, as well as compare to industry benchmarks.

As more and more enterprises are choosing the cloud for applications, infrastructure and business processes, it can be overwhelming to try to determine which option is the best for a business. The software asses costs, usage and performance across multiple cloud services, cloud vendors and platforms such as Amazon, Google, Citrix, Cisco,, Rackspace and others. The software also offers a go to guide for quickly integrating with new cloud providers.

Digital Fuel’s software includes an analyzer that models costs of IT services and allows analysis of different business scenarios. And the software produces reports, dashboards, cost models, benchmarks, and templates that enable control and optimization of cloud-based IT environments. Digital Fuel is headquartered in San Mateo, California and competes with SAP and Oracle.