TechCrunch Disrupt's New York Invasion Has Already Begun (Sort Of)

We are less than 72 hours away from the official start of TechCrunch Disrupt 2010! The team is packing their bags, squaring away last minute details, consuming copious amounts of Red Bull and looking forward to the bright lights (and delicious food) of New York, New York.

Momofuku pork buns, Shake Shack burgers, Crif Dogs hot dogs, Motorino’s pizza, — it’s a long and glorious list. Disclaimer: I’m painfully biased. As a recent transplant from New York, I adore the city this time of year— sticky, crowded subway cars and the occasional (but violent) odors are easily offset by Central Park, outdoor dining, the steady stream of music events and the always bubbling nightlife. Granted, I won’t be able to enjoy much of that since I’ll be down in the Disrupt trenches, but the attendees will. For you lucky kids, Oyster, a hotel review site, has created a New York guide specifically for Disrupt with hotel, dining, and nightlife options near the venue.

I don’t agree with all their recommendations—I prefer Mercadito’s tacos to Cabrito’s— but it’s worth a quick read. Bonus: the somewhat amusing categories, like “You were smart enough to invest in Zynga,” “You’re still desperately pitching for seed money,” and “You want to party like the venture capitalist you are.”