Video: This is a 22-megapixel MacBook Pro

And I thought my new monitor was fancy! (It certainly cost enough…) Here we have a plain ol’ MacBook Pro using a series of 28 projectors to create a 22-megapixel display. That works out to 7168×3072. Borderline insane, yes.

The project was put together by a group of students at a Norwegian university, led by one Daniel Stødle.

Aside from the fun video, the more interesting part is reading how Mac OS X handles all those windows. Apparently the window server has no problem handling up to 32 (!) displays. Actual performance isn’t so hot—you need a hefty amount of memory to handle all those pixels—but the fact that it works this well is impressive enough.

Suddenly, Modern Warfare 2 on six monitors doesn’t seen like such a big deal.