BroadVision Launches Clearvale, A Ning For The Enterprise

BroadVision has publicly launched Clearvale, a “networks of networks” for the social enterprise. In beta for the past 10 months, Clearvale provides businesses with the tools, and infrastructure to instantly create enterprise social networks, while also being able to connect with other social networks on the platform.

The Clearvale gives businesses a DIY model for building a highly customized, private social network. And with Clearvale, businesses can connect with others outside their own ecosystems. BroadVision also plans to launch a developer community as well asan “app store” for enterprise social networking. Additionally, BroadVision will be opening the Clearvale API.

Other organizations that have already begun to create a presence in Clearvale include Aeroxchange (U.S.), Exempla Healthcare (U.S.), Synaptics (U.S.), Texas State/Parks & Wildlife Division (U.S.), Avant-Grade Technologies (Singapore), Hong Kong Baptist Hospital (Hong Kong), Centro Nazionale Trapianti (Italy), Gemeente Tilburg (the Netherlands), and BSkyB (United Kingdom).

Clearvale faces competition from Salesforce Chatter, Jive, Socialtext and others.