SNES HD emulator for iPad looks sick – even the iPhone controller

It’s a pain to play emulators on the iPhone because not only is it small, but you have to sacrifice screen space to allow for buttons — and in the SNES’ case, that’s a lot of buttons. The iPad has a lot of promise as a portable gaming platform, but without a decent controller and interface, even a perfectly emulated console will be no fun to play. This SNES HD app seems to pretty much solve all those problems… at least, if you have an iPhone or iPod touch to use as a controller.

The iPhone connects over Bluetooth and you even use the physical buttons for the L and R buttons. To be honest I doubt it controls all that well, but it’s better than having it all on one screen. Someone PLEASE make a decent controller for this thing already. I love the save state pictures and the actual console in the interface. Man, I really want an iPad now.

Did I mention it’s free? More info at the creator’s site.

[via, Kotaku]