Video: LG Panther WinPho 7 phone starts up for all to see

LG PantherWould ya looky here! Looks like someone over at Innovative Singapore has posted a video that shows what it would be like to turn on a WinPho 7 phone for the very first time.

The device shown in the video (and to the right) is the LG Panther, which has been making its way around the webs for a little while now.

It seems that LG will ditch the “Panther” monicker for a much more memorable “GW910”, which is an issue I’ll be taking up with their marketers directly*.

It’s clearly mentioned in the video (and original article) that this is still a pre-production device, sent out so apps can be tested on real hardware (rather than an emulator), and, as such, it’s stll very rough around the edges. Still, it’s nice to see the kind of UI experience you can expect from the Big M’s much overdue Windows Mobile revamp.

However, the most interesting thing in the video is the boot time: if you’ve ever booted a smartphone from the last 2 years or so, you’d know that it can often be an excruciatingly long experience. It remains to be seen if the production device can retain this speedy boot time after the final OS has been loaded, but it’s encouraging to see speeds like this at this time.

Also, prior to previous reports, a Live ID isn’t needed to boot the device (but will be for Xbox Live and Zune Marketplace integration). But, once again, pre production model blah blah…

Anyway, enough of me, go check out that video!

*not really.

[via WM Poweruser]