AT&T allegedly tells employees of iPhone 4 coming in June

Two of the three iPhones released thus far have been launched in June. WWDC, where Apple generally announces iPhones 2-3 weeks before they’re shipping, starts on June 7th. If you had to guess, when would you wager that the new iPhone was coming?

If you said “June”, awesome — you’re probably right, and click on after the jump to find out more. If you said “October”… well, I’m not quite sure what to say to that.

According to BGR, AT&T HQ has internally confirmed to certain employees that there will be an iPhone launch next month, with the device hitting the shelves before the month is out. According to their tipster, “it won’t even be late June.”

Sure, it’s vague. Sure, you probably could have guessed as much, or thrown a dart in the dark and nailed it. But this is the good word of a random, unidentifiable AT&T employee who could very well be talking out of their arse, dammit — and we respect that word in this house.