HTC Evo 4G to get an HDMI dock

We’ll start with the bad news: according to some early stage testing done by PCMag, the HDMI output on the HTC Evo might kinda-sorta suck. While they haven’t quite pinned down the source of their woes, various TVs are all showing various issues.

On the upside: it looks like the HTC Evo is getting a fancy-pants micro-HDMI docking port, making it super easy to blast content onto your TV without having stray cables everywhere.

Them crazy cats over at AndroidAndMe scrounged up the shot above. That image up top contains just about everything we know so far: HTC EVO Docking Station! Coming Soon!

No pricing or availability details beyond “soon” unfortunately — but seeing as the EVO 4G isn’t.. you know, available yet, there probably aren’t too many people dying to buy this. Except for I/O attendees, of course.