MobileCrunch Memorial Day Weekend Roundup

Just because we’re taking a short break from the Internets to enjoy this fine three-day weekend doesn’t mean the news stopped. If you’re outside of the US, stuck at some job that doesn’t acknowledge today as a holiday, or just got a good ol’ fashion case of the boreds.. this one’s for you.

  • Skype for iPhone gets 3G calling support: Victory! You can finally make calls from Skype without having to find a WiFi hotspot. Skype-to-Skype calls are free.. but only until September or so, at which point 3G calling will be a subscription service. They gotta make money somehow, right?
  • Next Generation iPhone Resolution confirmed to be 960×640: The rumormill has never swayed on this one, but now it’s just about inarguable: the next iPhone’s screen will be 960×640 in resolution. Some gents over at SuperPhone managed to get their hands on yet another leaked iPhone prototype, and jammed the thing under a microscope. They counted pixel by pixel and, sure enough, things were doubled on each axis. That works out to 4x the pixel density in the same area — in other words, things are going to be 4x as sharp, and can be 4x as detailed. Apps already built for the iPhone 3G will look the same as before (read: not terrible, like on the iPad), as they’re not being stretched to a larger screen.
  • Skype to launch 2-way video calling for the N900: Man, Skype is making waves this weekend. This news isn’t quite as exciting as the news up above, but only because the number of people who actually have N900s is.. well, it’s not massive. For those that do, though, hurray! 2-way video calling is coming to your handset! It’s like the future!
  • HTC Droid Incredible gets rooted: Another day, another Android handsets gets hacked to pieces, thereby enabling powerusers to do just about whatever the hell they want.
  • Sony Ericsson to launch an Android-based walkman phone: Sony Ericsson’s no stranger to Android — but so far, they’ve only made use of it in their XPERIA line, all of which tends to be pretty dang pricey. According to the generally reliable SEMCBlog, Sony Ericsson’s got an Android handset in the works for their more wallet-friendly Walkman line, with specs that are strikingly similar to those of their Xperia X10 Mini.
  • Hacked EVO 4G gets Android 2.2: Google giving away 5,000 of these things at I/O has worked out pretty well in the long run — even for everyone who wasn’t there. At two weeks before its release, it got rooted — and now, with a whole week still left, some too-damned-clever-for-their-own-good hackers have managed to bump the handset up from Android 2.1 to the oh-so-new Android 2.1 build.

We’ll be back to our normally scheduled programming beginning tomorrow. Enjoy your long weekend if you’ve got one, folks!