Awareness Technologies Raises $6.5 Million For Threat Management Software

Enterprise threat management startup Awareness Technologies has raised $6.5 million from Brad Miller, the former CEO and Chairman of Perimeter eSecurity, and First New England Capital. Awareness develops InterGuard, a SaaS-based threat management platform that helps enterprises cover data loss prevention, web filtering, employee monitoring and laptop recovery.

InterGuard allows businesses to limit access to certain software applications, PSP, chat, social networking sites and even tracks employee work output and productivity. The software also monitors, records and controls employee computer activity and detects and averts activities and data-flows that could put a company in jeopardy.

The virtue of InterGuard is that it provides a number of services within one platform. Currently over 10,000 companies already use the Threat Management platform, with a tally of more than 200,000 total users. But enterprise data security is a competitive space and Awareness faces competition from the likes of McAfee, Symantec and others.