More iPhone 4 innards leak out

If you live around Cupertino, you may have heard it: a mighty roar that shook the walls to dust, and reached into your soul to shake your very core.

This morning, someone had to wake Steve Jobs up and tell him that there’d been yet another next-gen iPhone leak.

This one’s not nearly as important as, you know, an entire prototype leaking out — but still, purported leaks are purported leaks. iPhone Portugal claims to have gotten their hands on the internal assembly frame (the “chassis”, so to speak) of the fourth iPhone, and shot plenty of video to back the claims up.

Here’s how we see it: Could it be real? Sure. Could it be an incredibly hasty move by a Chinese cloning plant to recreate the iPhone 4 before it exists? Certainly! Outside of some pretty impressive engineering and the fact that everything we’re seeing here seemingly lines up with the little bit we’ve seen before, there’s no way to really say this is legit.

[Via ZDNet]