PSA: Samsung Wave shipping with virus

Samsung Wave Virus
Are you one of the Samsung fans that pre-ordered the Bada-powered Wave? Have you plugged it into your Windows computer yet? STOP NOW! FOR THE LOVE OF SAUERKRAUT, DON’T PLUG IT IN!

Mere moments after our joyous announcement proclaiming the availability of the Samsung Wave to our friends in the EU, news is trickling in that the MicroSD card included with the phone is infected with a virus.

The folks over at Mobile Burn today discovered that the review unit sent to them from Samsung contains the malware program “slmvsrv.exe” and an autorun.inf file that will install the virus as soon as you plug it in (on any Windows PC that has Autorun enabled, that is). The virus will then infect every other removable drive that you plug into the PC.

Mobile Burn also did a little bit of sleuthing on the matter, and it seems that the problem has so far only occurred on German handsets (their review unit was made for the German market, too), but this does not mean that it won’t appear on handsets in other countries, too.

If you have a Wave, don’t plug it into a Windows computer: I suggest connecting it to a Mac or Linux (or other OS) PC, and deleting the offending files/reformatting the card.

Samsung have been alerted to the matter, but haven’t commented just yet.