Leaked shots of BlackBerry Curve 9300 show up, reeking of classic BlackBerry design

BlackBerry Curve 9300
What we have here are photos of the upcoming replacement for the Curve 8520. Dubbed the BlackBerry Curve 9300, the device sports BlackBerry OS 5.0 (yes, not 6.0), and is pretty much an 85xx with 3G and WiFi n.

I don’t know about you, but I reckon it’s kind of comforting to see the classic BlackBerry shapre re-emerging after so many leaks of the wonky slider, and freaky clamshell.

Now, Crackberry only received these photos (plus a few more) today, but say that they don’t know how old they are, so there is a chance that final hardware will sport OS 6.0 and maybe even 512MB RAM (instead of the 256MB on this particular phone). Of course, it could also be that RIM will ship the lower-end Curve series with OS 5.0, and reserve OS 6.0 for the Bold series. But who knows?

As usual, we’ll keep you posted on more details as they arise.

BLackberry Curve 9300 back