leNewz – a realtime coverflow-style iPhone news reader

leNewz, developed by Paris-based Triviumsoft, offers a more visual way of browsing news on the iPhone.

A “DemoPit Audience Choice” at TechCrunch Europe’s recent GeeknRolla event, the app is built on Triviumsoft’s ‘Eaagle‘ text mining and mapping technologies to deliver a real time keyword map of the most important topics in each of six news categories: Sports, Economy, Politics, Life, Technology and Celebrities.

Users can then tap on the topic they are interested in whereby they’re presented with a coverflow-style way of navigating the individual headlines and articles. Visually, it’s quite a fun way to consume news – see video below.

In terms of content, leNewz draws from a large selection of mainstream media and blogs from the US, UK and France, although a future upgrade will let users tailor the app to their specific interests by defining their ‘favorite’ data sources. There’s also plans to tie the content recommendations into a user’s social graph, while at the moment social features are limited to pushing articles out to friends via Facebook or email.