Nokia taps into developing markets by offering two dual-sim phones

Nokia C2Today in Nairobi, Kenya, Nokia officially unveiled their first two dual-SIM phones. Well, strictly speaking, they unveiled one double-SIM phone (the C1-00), and one dual-SIM phone (the C2). The difference being that the C2 can receive texts and calls on both SIMs at the same time, while the C1-00 has to toggle between them.

Both phones are targeted at developing markets (where having more than one SIM card is more common, as it means being able to take advantage of cheaper call rates for different situations), and as such, are cheap as all get up: €30 for the C1-00, and €45 for the C2.

Those prices will land you a retro VGA camera, flash-light, FM radio, MicroSD slot, and media playback. In some markets, the C2 will also come bundled with information covering healthcare, agriculture, education and entertainment via Nokia’s Ovi Life Tools, as well as Ovi Mail, and loads and loads of battery life (up to 16 days on the C2).

Alongside the C1-00 are the single-SIM C1-01 and C1-02, retailing for €39 and €35, respectivley. More info on the C1 line of phones can be found on the Nokia Blog, or you can read a Press Release about the whole swagger of phones, here.